Natural Philosophy & Philosophy of Science


Natural philosophy, as distinguished from metaphysics and mathematics, is traditionally understood to encompass a wide range of subjects which Aristotle included in the physical sciences. According to this classification, natural philosophy is the science of those beings which undergo change and are independent of human beings. This vast field of inquiry was described in Aristotelian treatises such as Physics, On the Heavens, On Generation and Corruption, Meteorology, History of Animals, On the Parts of Animals, On the Generation of Animals, On the Soul  – Natural Philosophy in the Renaissance, First published Tue Apr 14, 2015; substantive revision Mon Apr 8, 201

About bioperipatetic

Academic Background: Biology & Psychology. Deep knowledge of History and Systems of psychology. Specialize in cognitive science, particularly in the area of sense perception and theories of mind and perception. Strong interest in the philosophy of science, especially ontology and epistemology. Strong interest in the importance and influence of Aristotle on the history of science, especially biology and psychology. WordPress blog: www.bioperipatetic. Professional Background: Expertise: Software engineering, software automation, software systems design methodology, graphical design notations and graphical notation theory, asynchronous messaging architecture and middleware (MoM). Professional Experience: Hands-On CTO for Passport Corporation. Contributed significantly to Passports software systems architecture and deployed products, including: inTime, inField, inOrder, inTrack. Author and implementation director of Passport's Java Presentation Protocol (JPP) a light-weight high-speed remote presentation protocol. Industry Standards: As a conceptual extension of my work at Cadre, as lead designer and Manager of Teamwork/ADA, conceived the Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS) initially a partnership between Cadre and Telesoft, which later evolved into a detailed collaborative implementation and ultimately became an ISO Standard.
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